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Consciousness in Mediation

My name is Sharon Morrissey, the proud Founder of Conflict Clarity—a dedicated Mediation and Conflict Resolution Service.

At Conflict Clarity we do things a little bit differently.

In this fast-paced world, we often find ourselves hurriedly addressing conflicts, sometimes forgetting to connect with our inner selves. At Conflict Clarity, we offer a safe and supportive environment that allows individuals the time and space to explore the root of their issues and consciously find solutions.

When faced with differences in opinions or beliefs, it’s easy to project our pain, hurt, and shame onto others. However, we believe that everything we say and do reflects something within ourselves. For instance, if we experience workplace bullying, we take the time to understand our own reactions and behaviours, acknowledging the role we play in the situation.

Similarly, we offer a compassionate perspective for those engaging in bullying behaviours, without aligning with their actions. Our approach involves empowering the “bullied” individual to identify and understand the reasons for their passivity, appreciate their coping strategies, and find ways to establish healthier boundaries for their safety and well-being. This takes time. In this space, there is no judgment, humiliation, or shame. Each person in the conflict scenario is afforded the principles of mediation, voluntariness to be there, confidentiality and facilitation of the process, and self-determination

We extend this supportive process to individuals experiencing conflicts within themselves, within families, and in business and workplaces. Mediation is a powerful tool that can be used in every conversation, as negotiation is inherent in meeting our needs.

Individuals experiencing internal conflicts may overthink a scenario, may procrastinate, maybe angry with themselves or others, may worry about the decision made or not made. This may present in crippling anxiety, depression, anger at others (but primarily at self), and many other physical and emotional responses.

Families experiencing conflicts can be couples, parents, and children, sibling conflicts, intergenerational conflicts, and the variables of all of the above. This will again impact emotional, physical, and mental health and well-being. We at Conflict Clarity, do not have pre-determined outcomes and so reconciliation may or may not be a possibility. You, as the individual is given the space to be, to decide, to test. There will never be the expectation of forgiving and forgetting. The outcome is self-determining.

Workplace conflicts are all of the relationships within the organisation. However, always we are mindful that organisations are made of individuals, and so each individual needs space to be seen and heard, to have their feelings and emotions understood.

Each individual in each conflict is unique, and so is the situation that brings them to me. It is only right then that I hear and hold space for building trust in our working relationship, so people can share the inner workings of their perception of conflict.

Mediation isn’t a quick fix or an easy way out. Instead, it provides a profound space where we delve into our internal dynamics and navigate toward a suitable resolution. Each mediation journey is unique, and a successful outcome is defined differently for each individual and their specific conflict, whether internal or external.

At Conflict Clarity, we believe in the power of empathy, self-awareness, and open dialogue to create harmonious relationships and foster personal growth. We cherish the opportunity to be part of this transformative process with each individual, guiding them toward clarity and understanding in their unique journey of conflict resolution.

For further information on the conscious resolution of conflict contact, =353 87 6959346, check out the website, and Linkedin, Facebook, and Instagram.

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