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Author name: Sharon Morrissey

Conflict Clarity and the Trauma Response

Trauma Responses in Conflict, Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn. When we observe the fight trauma response during conflicts, we witness confrontation, rage, and intense, angry behaviors. The flight response manifests as anxiety, panic, and avoidance, accompanied by heightened energy. The freeze response appears as dissociation, with individuals not fully understanding questions, frequently asking for repetition, …

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Pre-Wedding Conflict & *How to Avoid it*

The Wedding preparation. When we think about the “happiest day of our lives”( generally considered our Wedding Day) we rarely think about financial, and familial conflict causing havoc in the run-up to the event which can have long-lasting negative connotations and resentments. We, instead tend to conjure up images of a beautiful ceremony, the dress …

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